Lakin Wooliver

Finding the ink for my words

Author Bio

I placed 2nd in a writing contest about snow on Booksie, but I currently have no works published. I am working on entries for novel contests and short story contests. We'll see how that goes!

I am a member of the She Writes, Writer's Digest, and Booksie writing communities.

My Writing Experiences

I began writing as a child to escape from reality. My writing mainly consisted of poetry and horror stories. My poetry won a few awards and my scary stories kept my brother and sister entertained, but I never really recognized the significance of my writing until I entered highschool. I excelled in writing classes and beat out seniors of awards when I was only a freshman. In college, I often had my professors ask to use my papers as guides for future students, and sometimes, my professors even asked me to tutor others in writing. For my Masters Degree, I completed a 65 page action research paper that I presented in front of a panel. But these small accomplishments in no way prepared me for the task that I put on myself in composing a novel. Poetry is great, but it is short. Horror stories don't have much depth. And, writing for classes often follows a technical formula. I didn't realize how unprepared I was to write a novel until I threw out my first idea completely (after working on it for a year and using about 50 pages of handwritten computer paper). My second idea has become my current novel, The Mark of the Wielder  but the effort to finish and edit this piece has been one of the greatest challenges I have ever faced. I keep telling myself I can do it, even when everything is fighting inside me. I'm not going to give up. That's not who I am. I hope to one day be published, not to be famous or wealthy, but to have the satisfaction of knowing that someone enjoyed my story.

The Mark of the Wielder will become the first book in a trilogy.

I also have another story that is floating around in my head. It's still in the ingredients stage of my recipe, but you can see it's progress on The Price for Bones page.