Lakin Wooliver

Finding the ink for my words

A Little Something About the Girl Named Lakin

Well, before I tell you about my life, I need to tell you about my name. People often ask me how I received my name, obviously expecting a compelling story about parents who searched tirelessly for the perfect name for first child. Well, those people usually end up with quite a different load on their shoulders. The truth is, my mother didn't even know if she wanted to keep me until she married my father when she was 8 months pregnant. Once I was born, I sat in the hospital for five days with no name because I was supposed to be a boy. They had plans for a boy, names for a boy, a life for a boy, but not for me. She happened to hear the name "Lakin" while watching TV at the hospital, and lo and behold I had a name. I grew up in a broken home shrouded by drug abuse, lies, theivery, and deceit. I was followed in this world by two siblings, a brother and a sister, who I tried to be the moral compass for. Our messed up family was loud and rowdy and was often visited by police. I'm not kidding when I tell people that the show "Cops" could film a whole season with only scenes from my family. I have a morbid sense of humor regarding the issues. However, I do not resent my childhood because it played a vital role in who I am. God showed me how to use bad for good. As an adult, I am a special education preschool teacher who is the first and currently the only member of my family who has ever gone to college. I help my students believe that they have a purpose in this world and that they have value no matter what some people's opinions may lead them to believe. I have a passion for loving my students, for reading, and for writing. Growing up, I often used writing as an outlet for my pain, and today I use it to tell the stories of my heart. I hope you might want to hear what my heart has to say.

This is my new family. I married Zach Wooliver on June 25, 2011. We live happily with our three cat fur babies.