Lakin Wooliver

Finding the ink for my words

The Mark of the Wielder

In the United Cities of New America, a race war is devastating mankind. Journey Stanton, the daughter of the leader of Accolade, is facing the consequences that come with prejudice. On her eighteenth birthday, she has no control over which Bender race her body will transform into, and yet, her father has threatened to murder her if she doesn’t become an Elite. The burn scars on her back prove his threat has weight. No matter where she goes in Accolade, she can’t escape her father, and she can’t escape the pain of memories.

Voices follow her.

Images haunt her.

Her body is flooded with doubt, fear, and grief, but a power she never knew she had is dancing beneath her skin, waiting for her birthday.

To give her an escape she never dreamed possible.

To give her an escape she never wanted.

Journey’s eighteenth birthday will set a catalyst for events that will change not only her life but the lives of thousands of people, and her only choice in the matter is to survive or die.

The Mark of the Wielder is a 69,000 word completed Young Adult Fantasy novel that exposes the life of a tormented girl named Journey and how she unravels the lies behind cultural biases, awakens her strength, and faces her fears. This novel will appeal to fans of Shatter Me who enjoy characters struggling to hold onto their sanity, fans of Shadow and Bone who enjoy scenes with violence and magic, and fans of Hunger Games who enjoy action driven plots.

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