Lakin Wooliver

Finding the ink for my words

The Price for Bones

The Price for Bones is a tentative title for this story. I am currently piecing it together like a mad scientist. I think I might let my darkness run wild with this one. I need to develop a hierarchy and trait characteristics, but I do have a little so far. The main character is named Lye. She has hair the color of the moon and eyes the color of the sun. I created a short story based on this idea for a contest. You can find it on the short story tab, but this page is for the novel, the extended story, Here is a little bit of what I have so far:

"My body was created by the pieces of corpses, but it looks surprisingly good. I have all the right parts, except for a heart, literally or metaphorically. But a heart isn’t needed in my line of work. I actually enjoy being heartless. I was built to crave the velvet envelope of darkness that powers my being. As you see, I am what some call an 'assassin', but I believe that term only refers to the murder of important people. I murder whomever my Collectors tell me to, important or not, good or bad. It doesn't really matter. I just end them, and take whatever The Collectors need. It keeps them happy, and it keeps me alive, keeps my clock ticking. The clock in my eyes tells me how long I have to live. With each mission, The Collectors give me a little more time. It's simple really. If I fail, I die. Good thing I don't have a heart holding me back."

Lye: Created from corpses and sent on missions by The Collectors. Her hair is the color of the moon, her eyes the color of the sun. She is a beautiful and vicious Body Conglomerate. She has no organs and no insides. She is hollow. Her skin and bones are held together with dark magic.

Lye's eyes that keep her time. The amount she has is the color of she sun. When she loses time, her eyes slowly become the color of shadows. With each mission, the Collectors reset her clock. If she ever fails or decides not to continue, her clock will run out.

The Blood Collector. She seeks human blood and keeps viles in her coat pockets. Blood keeps her magic alive, but not any blood, it must be the last drops of a body, the last life the body holds.

The Scream Collector. She thrives on bottled screams of tortured souls. Her favorite is the scream of death but any scream will do.

The Bone Collector. The Bone Collector is the most rutheless of all. She has ended the time of many Body Conglomerates for merely scratching the bones they collected. She too likes a freshly dead specimen, bones that still have a little warm meat clinging to them.